Best Fast Hosts of 2016 | HostDare

The Best Fast Hosting Company of 2016 | Hostdare
The Best Fast Hosting Company of 2016 | Hostdare

Why You Should Pick Hostdare for Your Host

Outstanding Help & Support

When you start a business, it’s always important to have good relationships with your customers. You want to make them feel loved and wanted. Being there for you customers is always a must as well. Well this is just what Hostdare has provided to me. Not only are they helpful, but they are extremely nice. So if you are looking for the best fast hosts, then head over to Hostdare and start off with a cheap package just to see the true quality you can get for your money. Not only will they get back at you fast with help, but it’s extremely easy to file a request. You can bet that the request you made will be done within 48 hours (like they promise) as well!

Follow Ups

I would also like to mention that Hostdare loves follow-ups. With every support ticket you open up with them, you will get a follow-up survey. They are dedicated to give their clients a great experience.

Truley “the best fast host” | Technical Specifications

Not only does Hostdare have great customer support, but they “give you more bang for your buck”. This is why I say they have “the best fast hosts”. For those that don’t know what this means, you are definitely getting what you pay for. Some proof of concept for this is the recent response I got when I asked what makes them better than popular providers such as Bluehost, Hostgator, and Godaddy.

Best fast host and webhosting proof
Best webhosting proof


I have 5 websites hosted with Hostdare. Not once have I heard of their servers being hacked or noticed anything wrong with my webhosting account. Hostdare primarily uses Cpanel for their hosting platform. With this being said, Cpanel is one of the biggest trusted hosting platforms there are up to date. If there were any security vulnerability, Cpanel would be patched almost immediately. I’ve also noticed that small vulnerabilities such as directory disclosures and indexing have been safe guarded by default with Hostdare.


User Friendliness

I was very surprised when I first signed up with Hostdare. I say this because their user friendliness is just amazing. I swear, if I told a technologically illiterate person to go order me hosting with Hostdare, you could bet that he or she would be able to do it. The overall organization and quality of the website is beautiful. Here is some provided proof of how awesome their website really is.

best fast host webhost user friendliness
User Friendiness Hostdare offers
The Best Fast Host Provider and the User Friendiness Hostdare offers
User Friendiness Hostdare offers


I’ll tell you this, the cost/quality ratio is the reason why I am with Hostdare. The reasoning to bring up next ofcourse would be that they have the best fast hosts! With me having a tight budget, money is always an issue. I’m able to do what I need to do for a great price and I thank them for that. They provide enormous quality for what they charge. The hosting servers are one of the fastest I’ve used and they provide SSD hosting. Even the support rep said it. They don’t overcharge like big hosting companies do. They just want to provide great hosting to great people for a great price.


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