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Comodo Security
Comodo Security


Comodo is an Internet Security Provider and specializes in Information Assurance.  This specific company provides website with Secure Sockets Layer digital certificates (SSL). As of now, Comodo is located in the United States. According to w3Techs, Comodo remains the highest issuers of SSL certificates.  Not only does this company offer certifications for websites, but they offer internet security suites (antivirus programs) as well.

Comodo Internet Security Review

My say

Ever since Comodo has came out with their internet security suites, I have been a fan. Comodo does not only have their view on point with their program, but they have their own company, located in Clifton, NJ. In this specific security paradise, Comodo offers web site vulnerability and penetration scanning and this is where the software developing occurs.

What I found

From my security standpoint, Comodo provides the basic needs. In the Internet Security Suite you get a effective firewall and antivirus. I like to think of Comodo as the godfather of all internet security solutions. Now before you say “wait….what?”, Let me finish. I say this because Comodo is a security specialist company. They literally specialize in Internet Security. When a developer finds an effective method to implement into the Comodo antivirus, it usually gets done. I have found out that Comodo is very unique, when it comes to Internet Security. You can take a look of what I mean by looking at what Comodo has to offer. This includes a completely free DDP, Auto Sandbox, Spyware Scanning,Cloud based Antivirus, Cloud based Behavior Analysis, Cloud based Whitelisting,Secure DNS servers, Game Mode,Application Control, advanced firewall, and lastly, host intrusion prevention.

The Firewall

When I test the firewall, I test for leak tests. Now of course your average Windows firewall is not going to stand up against a good solid leak test. I found that Comodo was not able to leak any information connected to Internet Service Providers. According to Comodo, the firewall itself filters ICMP,TCP,and UDP packets coming in and out of your computer. When a malicious program attempts to spy on the traffic for patterns to take advantage of, with Comodo internet security installed, the malicious program are normally unsuccessful.

The Antivirus

The Comodo antivirus is bundled in with the Internet Security suite. With this being said, the antivirus is the second core to Comodo. Developers have worked extremely hard on this specific antivirus. The antivirus self has a very user-friendly look and provides the user with short and simple intel. Comodo is known for having the most up-to-date database of viruses and malware. Due to this, Comodo Internet Security is a great program because it keeps users from having the latest malware on his or hers computer. Comodo detects all types of malware and viruses including: adware, viruses, ransomware, trojans, and greyware.

Other Programs

Comodo offers a whole bunch of different products, other then their Internet Security Suite.

Some of the programs are:

  • Comodo Mobile Security
  • Comodo Dragon
  • Comodo Icedragon
  • Comodo Endpoint Security Manager
  • Comodo Securebox
  • Comodo System Utilities
  • MyDLP
  • SurGate Labs
  • Comodo Korugan



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