New App, Backup Memory, Helps Alzheimer’s Patients

Samsung Backup Memory
Samsung Backup Memory

In regards to the medical industry, Samsung  is giving back to the Alzheimer patients. This is due to a recent android application, developed by Samsung Electronics, called Backup Memory. What this application essentially does is help Alzheimer patients slow down the progression of Alzheimer by manipulating the art of Bluetooth technology. From up to thirty-three feet away, the Backup Memory application will be able to communicate to local family members, friends, stimulating the Alzheimer patients memories. Backup Memory also takes pride in the memorization algorithm, developed by computer scientists. This algorithm allows users to identify his or her family members and friends by displaying many pictures and videos – memories the user and his or her direct relation ship had together. Backup Memory has been thoroughly tested and Samsung is extremely confident about their application.

Thorough extensive research, regarding this application, Samsung has hired many medical professionals. One of these medical experts is Dr. Meriam Labidi, a geriatrician. Labidi stated, through this cognitive simulation application, “patients can hold onto their memory for a little younger”

It is important to note, Samsung isn’t the only organization that deserves credit. The Tenisian Alzheimer’s Association and 3SG BBDO has also played a huge role. Another important factor is the persistence of Samsung and Samsung’s reputation. According to Samsung’s official website, they develop the “latest electronic & smart appliance technology” One prestigious application Samsung has a reputation for is their Smart Switch application. This application lets the Smart Switch user transfer every piece of his or her data to his or her new phone.


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