The Portable Gaming TV: NVIDIA Shield Review

NVIDIA Shield Review
NVIDIA Shield Review

NVIDIA Shield Review : The portable gaming tv

Music and video streaming is very popular nowadays. With this being said, having a reliable streaming device can come in handy.This is especially if you like to access your media content often. However, finding the best portable gaming TV can be a challenge at first. This is because most media streamers are more focused on streaming rather than gaming. Sure you can get a console, but that might not be as good in the end.


The focus for the NVIDIA Shield is on a great multimedia experience. You get hardware that is capable of running content at 4K resolution and at the same time you also receive HDCP 2, and HDMI 2 support. The device also boosts a set of USB 3 ports as well as micro USB slots. These are great for users that want to run media off their USB sticks and during our tests this product worked seamlessly without any issues.

Also, the design is very good and it still makes this portable gaming TV one of the best in the industry for sure. NVIDIA also added a remote that you can purchase for $50. The remote is nice and it works great. It even has a microphone.


As you can expect, the Shield has a dedicated Android version and it works really well. You can view and manage your games, settings and apps into a single panel but at the same time you can also customize everything as you see fit which is a major plus. It’s important to note that watching Hulu and Netflix all while downloading games can be done. It works so seamlessly.

I found the software for NVIDIA Shield TV to be very intuitive;it does work well most of the time. There are some places where it could be a little intuitive. But, considering the fact that this is a portable gaming TV, you can’t really ask for more.


Watching movies even in 4K was nothing short of impressive. The processing power offered by the NVIDIA Shield TV is unrivaled by many other similar solutions and that does make it incredible for movie watchers. The quality is always great and there are no hiccups. When it comes to games, you can hook up the controller and play some games on it. However, the device isn’t as powerful as the regular NVIDIA Shield. This is the device that’s mainly created with gamers in mind. However, you can play many Android games and even some AAA games that don’t require a great graphics card without any restrictions.

Final thoughts

Overall, the NVIDIA Shield TV does manage to be a very good device.It offers just about everything that you might want from a good streaming device. The fact that you can also play games on it is a major plus.It can be the deciding factor if you are an avid movie watcher and a gamer! All in all, the NVIDIA Shield TV is well worth the financial investment and you should give it a shot if you like both movies and games!



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